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    By: Kwesi Salih

    Yes, #Black Lives Matter! The real question is, “who does Black Lives Matter to?”

    In a world where there is only one true race, how is it that We as a people, still struggle to recognize that the taking of one life, affects the lives of Us all? If now isn’t the time, when will the time come for Us to begin effectuating the change that it’s going to take in order for each of Us to accept the fact that all of our lives matter.

    If We are to succeed as “One Nation Under God,” We cannot continue down this path of hatred and destruction. So I ask, “who does Black Lives Matter to?” In my opinion, it should matter to all of Us.

    Unfortunately, in today’s world and more specifically in many aspects of life in this society, it is the minority who refuse to recognize the value of life outside of their own and for the most part, the minority right now has the power to arrest. It is when this minority begins to understand the power that they hold, he or she internalizes this power to exploit and subjugate all factors that do not lend support.

    Is this “Liberty and Justice for All?” Does Black Lives Matter to you?

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