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Pro Se Publication Program

ASA’s Pro Se Publication Program (PSPP) is part of our charity and education purposes. We understand that there are many instances when attorneys perform deficiently or refuse to perform at all. Given that the average citizen is not familiar with the law or its procedures, we’ve created this program for those who either can’t afford an attorney, or who would prefer to present their own legal claims by themselves (aka “Pro Se”), without an attorney.

Our PSPP consists of a team of qualified, certified paralegals, writ writers and administrative staff. Our PSPP team members are knowledgeable in the following areas of law: criminal; appellate; civil; family; trust; probate; real estate; copyright; patent and trademark; business; corporate; constitutional; and administrative. The majority of the PSPP consists of work in criminal law, specifically criminal appeals (direct appeals, personal restraint petitions, motions to withdraw guilty pleas, motions to vacate, RAP 10.10 Statement of Additional Grounds, Habeas Corpus, Motions for Discretionary review, writs of Mandamus, Petitions for writ of Certiorari, etc.) In fact, one member of our team is responsible for reversing 1,439 months of erroneous sentences over the last 14 years, just in the State of Washington. That’s more than 119 years reversed for the benefit of Pro Se appellants!

Here’s how it works: You contact us by filling out and submitting our questionnaire, and confer with one of our team members. If our team member believes that there is merit to your claim(s), then we ask you to send us your documents. Once we’ve received your documents we then assign one of our research staff to review the status of the relevant law on your claim(s), and then we have our certified paralegals and writ writers prepare your legal forms. When all of your work is complete, we send your Pro Se legal forms back to you, properly typeset and formatted.

We do not charge a fee for our PSPP–we perform this service out of charity, with priority attention to our donative members. Our research is conducted for educational purposes. Given the amount of requests that we receive, our current waiting list is backlogged approximately 19-months.

To become a donative member, or for an “Expedite” option, please contact for further information.