Purple Heart Program

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Purple Heart Program

As part of our operations, we sustain a prisoner outreach program whereby we donate art supplies for some of the prisoners in Washington State. In turn, the prisoners helped us create the Purple Heart Program (PHP) because they wanted to give back to those people who fight for the freedom which the prisoners took for granted.

Our PHP was created as a way for prisoners to express their thanks to the heroes of our Armed Forces who have been wounded in action fighting for our Country. The PHP was designed specifically for prisoners to be able to acknowledge that they appreciate the Service Member fighting to maintain the freedom of our Country, despite the fact that the prisoner has currently lost the privilege of that freedom.

We want the Service Members of our Armed Forces to know that even the prisoners of our society look up to the heroes of our Armed Forces and appreciate the contribution given. Below are a few pictures of some of the beautiful Purple Heart decorations made by prisoners for our PHP.