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    Timothy Kelly #858308

    So I went to the law library and typed some of my personal legal work onto a JPlayer, which was then sent over to A.S.A. I had A.S.A. print off multiple copies of my personal restraint petition and mail it directly to me, after some custom formatting and typesetting to make it personal to me. It arrived at Stafford Creek Correction Center on October 11th 2017. S.C.C.C. has been withholding my mail and today(10-19-2017) sent me a mail rejection stating, and I quote, “Contains plans for activity that violates state/federal law, Washington Administration Code, Department policy, and/or local facility rules. Pending further review.”

    That isn’t very specific. My question is “which rule or code or policy does it violate?” Unclear. Because there aren’t any violations of anything.

    The legal documentation I had sent in doesn’t violate anything other than DOC’s fragile image. A.S.A. prints the custom formatted legal forms, and publishes them with their report. The forms thus become a “Publication” by a nonprofit organization. The documents are my personal documents that I personally drafted for my personal court case. D.O.C. just isn’t happy that A.S.A. is a non-profit that helps inmates with their pro se legal work, and whom has been very outspoken against the illegal actions of DOC.

    Its crazy that when D.O.C. doesn’t like something, they will violate your rights knowingly. I am one of many people who had their mail from A.S.A. intercepted and withheld by the SCCC mailroom. This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed.

    Do prisoners have a First Amendment Constitutional right to receive publications from nonprofit organizations? I invite the ACLU to help us answer that question.

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