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    by Ismael Les, #881806

    DOC Doesn’t Stand For ‘Department of Corrections,’

    After investigating into the matter of mail not being distributed to myself and others, I’ve come to the conclusion that this Department and personnel are corrupted. I say this because DOC has been rejecting mail, whether electronically or via parcels, from a Nonprofit Organization by the name of American Security Agency (ASA).

    I say the Department of Corruption because I am a victim of this corruption.

    Not too long ago, I reached out to ASA for help in obtaining some ‘documents’ that I was not able to obtain on my own due to lack of financial resources. ASA obtained these documents directly from the Thurston County Court and had the documents certified by the Court Clerk. ASA then mailed these ‘legal certified documents’ to me at no cost. After using the tracking number to find the location of these documents, it resulted in displaying that they had already been delivered to SCCC and had been sitting here for numerous amount of days. I then created my own ingenuity and ferreted out the reasoning as to why these Court Documents had not yet been delivered to me and it was because these documents were under investigation. DOC was withholding my evidence for my Personal Restraint Petition and failed to inform me of their withholding as required by WAC [137], or DOC 05-525 Rejection Notice. I then pushed the matter of them violating WAC rules and they sent me, via inmate mail distribution, a rejection notice by Barry Wilkinson who deemed it as:

    ‘Contains plans for activity that violates state/federal law,
    the Washington Administrative Code. Department Policy, and/or
    local facility rules. Pending further review.’

    After the rejection, I mailed out these Certified Court Documents to my lawyer, Emily Bushaw at Perkins Coie, and had her reroute the documents back to me. Guess what happened this time? They let the documents through.

    Now you tell me. Did these documents ever contain plans for activity that violates state/federal law, the Washington Administrative Code, Doc Policy, and/or local facility rules, if they were allowed through when my lawyer rerouted them back to me? Absolutely not!!

    This is why I say DOC stands for Department of Corruption, along with its personnel. They interfere with your court proceedings, by whatever corrupted methods possible. Why? Because, in my opinion, they want to keep you in the system and get money for every year they house you, while misusing honest taxpayers’ money in doing it. Here is a rough estimate as to how much of the honest taxpayers’ money is being misused. Sources indicate DOC gets about $48k for each person incarcerated a year. DOC has about 18k individuals incarcerated, excluding females. Roughly 10k are serving ‘extremely’ long terms for drug violations, drug related offenses, and property crimes. e.g., I myself am serving a 450 month sentence for a property crime valued at $2,200. Now, take the 48k and multiply that by 10k and the sum is $480 million. That’s a lot of honest taxpayers’ money being used by DOC to house individuals who committed petty crimes.

    Imagine if DOC wasn’t so corrupted. I would’ve already received my legal certified documents and petitioned the Court for a re-sentence. The State would have saved, just on me alone, $48k, and this money could’ve been used for better things, such as Creative Arts Programs for the upcoming generations who are underprivileged in their area and so that they have a positive way to grow up and not take the same paths as many of us have to incarceration.

    Look at the aforementioned math, that’s why the State is over-budgeted because of the corrupted department and its personnel that lies within it.

    For now, this is Izzy signing off until my next article.

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